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Ground Anchors
One of Bauer ’s great innovations which can be considered the unique solution for supporting retaining structures with rather wide spans, without the need for the obstructive, time consuming and expensive conventional struts method.
For anchor’s installation, a borehole with a diameter of 70 to 150 mm is rotary drilled by the anchor rig using water / bentonite slurry flushing method. When drilling reaches the required level, the drilling rod is pulled out of the borehole and the anchor is installed manually.
The borehole is filled with cement suspension to the required level through a solid pipe attached to the anchor tendons. Grouting of the anchor’s grout body is carried out after 48 hours through pipes (with sleeves) attached to the anchor’s tendon.
Six to eight days after grouting process is complete, the anchor can be tested / pre-stressed to its required load.



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