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Cut-off Walls
The main concept for the use of Cut-Off Walls, is to install an element in the ground that would be capable of cutting the water path off, from passing from one side of the site to the other side / sides.
Sometimes in projects with extremely tight time schedule, it is required to excavate a part of the site to its final excavation level (including its dewatering ), and at the same time leaving the rest of the site unexcavated till finishing other on-going activities.
In such cases the unique solution of Cut-Off Walls allows for :
  • Excavation can easily reach its final level in the required zone(s).
  • Prevention of seeping of ground water from the unexcavated zone to excavated zone.
  • Easy removal of the Cut-Off wall is another advantage. It can be easily removed by regular excavation equipment (excavators, bulldozers, loaders…..etc.)

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