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The Berlin-Wall temporary shoring system has become a widely adopted technique providing an economic, fast, safe and reliable method to retain the sides of projects with deep excavations.

The Berlin Walls system is considered
  • Economic because its cost is much cheaper than Diaphragm walls.
  • Fast because it does not consume much time during installation like secant piles walls, besides it can be undertaken simultaneously during / with the excavation process.
  • Safe because it does not cause excessive vibrating / driving problems like steel sheet pile walls.
  • Reliable because it can safely retain the required depths / sides of excavations for as long as the project may require.
The application of the Berlin-Wall is specially feasible when the lowering of ground water table is not a critical factor. But in case lowering of ground water table outside the excavation pit is to be minimized, other shoring systems would seem better suited, feasible and recommended (such as Secant piles walls or Diaphragm walls ).





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