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Damitta silo
Sayphon under suez canal
smoha grand view
Grand View-Semouha

Project: Grand View-Semouha

Location: Semouha-Alx.

Client: Alexandria Company for the Reconstruction and Development of tourism

Consultant: ECO- Group

Budget: 115,000,000 EGP

Project description

In one of the most beautiful areas in Alexandria ,Alexandria Company for the Reconstruction and Development of tourism decided to construct a luxury residential complex building , project consists of 17 residential buildings (2basement + 12 floor)  and  hotel (2basement + 25 floor).

Scope of work:

  • 1-Diaphragm Wall Works:

    Construct anchored diaphragm walls with thickness from 64cm and Depth of walls 29 meters. Total quantity of executed diaphragm wall is 20,350 square meter


  • 2-Soft Gel Grout Plug Works

    Grout a soft gel plug at a depth of 29 meter from the street level. Plug thickness 2.00 meter. Grouted area is 21,000 square meter.

  • 3-Groundwater Control System


    Bauer Egypt was responsible for the supply and installation of complete groundwater control system comprising 28 deep wells, piping works and alarm system.

    The controlling system is expected to run for about 16 months after completion of the soft gel grout plugs.

  • 4-Tension piles

    Construct of about (630) no. of Bored pile with diameter (60) cm and depth (20) m.

  • 5-Ground Anchor


Construct of about (1210) no. of anchor with average length (20) m

          Project Duration:

  • 1-Diaphragm wall works : 7.5months
  • 2-Grouting works : 12 months
  • 3-Running of Dewatering works : 16 months
  • 4-Tension piles : 5.5 months

Ground Anchors : 11 months 


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