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TBM rescue shaft & Freezing works

Project: TBM rescue shaft & Freezing works

Location: between Bab elshaareya and algish station (Cairo)

Client: Egyptian French Joint Venture for Cairo metro line 3 phase 1

Year of construction: 2009-2010

Consultant: National authority of tunnels

Project description:

During the tunneling works for CAIRO underground metro line 3, a dramatic collapse happned . The tunneling machine (TBM) has been buried  at depth of about 30 meter under the street level

Bayer Egypt has been immediately awarded a contract for special tasks to rescue the machine

Bauer scope of work was split into three phases:

1 – Stabilizing and strengthen the collapsed mass by using cement grouting.

2 – Construct deep secure shaft by installing a diaphragm wall shaft 18 meter diameter, 120 cm thickness and 95 meter depth.

3 – ground water control by supplying and installing of freezing work for the soil around the buried  machine for about 20 meter long to allow the main contractor to dismantle the machine and get it out in order to continue the tunneling works ,



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