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Serapum syphon under the new Suez Canal
Project: Serapum syphon under the new Suez Canal

Location: Suez Canal

Client: Concord for Engineering and contracting

Consultant: Consulting Engineering office

Year of construction: 2014

Budget: 52,686,000 EG.P

Project description

Concord for Engineering and contracting company awarded to construct shafts for impulsion and receiving for Serapum syphon under the new Suez Canal to feed El- Sheikh Zayed Canal.

Bauer Egypt participated in the project by construction of the Diaphragm wall and install a soft gel grout plug as a groundwater control system to allow for excavating the shafts in dry conditions.

Scope of work:

  • 1-Diaphragm Wall Works:

    Construct diaphragm walls and with thickness from 120 cm. and Depth of walls is up to 120 meter. Total quantity of executed diaphragm wall is 16,128 square meter


  • 2-Soft Gel Grout Plug Works

    Grout a soft gel plug at a depth of 95 meter from the street level. Plug thickness 10.00 meter. Grouted area is 532 square meter.

  • 3-Micro piles works

Construct of about 120 no of micro piles with diameter 175mm and depth about 120m for one shaft.


Project Duration:

  • 1-Diaphragm wall works and barrettes : 3 months
  • 2-Grouting works : 2 months
  • 3-Micro piles : 2 months



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